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Early College Program


Idaho State University's Early College Program started offering dual credits in 1994, in two local high schools. Today, we have expanded throughout the state offering dual credits to more than 3,300 students in 44 high schools. Now more than ever students are taking advantage of starting college while in high school. Many students can obtain the equivalent of one or two semesters worth of work, and some also take enough credits to earn an associate degree, before they graduate from high school! There are endless possibilities through dual credit!  

Student participants must be 16 years old or have completed half of their high school graduation requirements.  The Early College Program also requires a 3.0 GPA to participate. Students wishing to take dual credit courses through ISU must be registered in both the high school and college course. Students are admitted to the Early College Program after completing a one-time application and submitting a signed permission form. Students are required to register through BengalWeb prior to the published deadlines for each class in order to receive college credit.

As Idaho State University is the leading health care institute for the state, the Early College Program has partnered with several departments on campus to provide dual credit courses in the health professions to Idaho high school students. Please visit the University Health High School (UHHS) section of our website for more information.

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